Price List – Recycle Battery Prices

In the spirit of full transparency, Battery Rescue have chosen to publish their recycle battery prices because we want to create a business model where everyone in the battery recycling supply chain is paid fairly. To ensure an adequate return on our BTS Containers we have a sliding scale for prices paid based on annual volumes collected.

Note that prices paid will fluctuate according to the price paid by the Battery Recycler. This is largely a function of the London Metals Exchange (LME) price for lead and the $US/$A exchange rate and is updated by the recycler at the beginning of each month.  If the Battery Recycler’s price increases or decreases by more than 5% then the customer price schedule below will be updated. The Graph below shows the LME Lead price for the past 12 months in Australian Dollar terms.







Recycle Battery Price Schedules

Recycle Battery Prices for used lead acid batteries

Used Battery Price Schedule for Perth Metro

This price schedule applies for Perth Metro locations as far north as Bullsbrook, south to Mandurah and east to Chidlow. Note there has been no change since September 2018 (last reviewed Jan 2019).

UBG Pricelist Metro Perth February 2019


Used Battery Price Schedule for Regional WA

This price schedule applies for regional locations such as mine sites and is based on the customer arranging and paying for the transport of the Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Containers to and from their site, to Battery Rescue’s nominated yard.

Regional WA Pricing Matrix – February 2019


Historical Battery Recycling Prices

Battery Rescue’s past battery recycling prices can be found here.


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