Auto Unloading of Used Batteries From the UNISEG Pallet

Auto Unloading of used batteries trial from UNSIEG Pallet

The UNISEG Pallet was designed to enable the automatic unloading of used lead acid batteries when delivered to the Battery Reprocessor. This was recently demonstrated by Battery Rescue, using a conventional forklift with a rotating arm. The following video was recorded of the unloading demonstration:


The first step is for the UNISEG Pallet to be tilted at 45% (anti clockwise) with the front panel facing upwards, in order to prevent any batteries falling out when removing the front panel. The front panel is then removed by disengaging the front panel from the top panel via the 2 sliding bolts and releasing the 4 over centre latches. The forklift driver then rotates the UNISEG Pallet clockwise allowing the batteries to fall from the UNISEG Pallet. This motion should be done slowly to minimise batteries unnecessarily impacting the top of the UNISEG Pallet.
When all the batteries have been emptied from the UNISEG Pallet the operator can secure the front panel back onto the UNISEG, ready for washing and return.

The UNISEG Pallet’s  enables used batteries to be collected from the “coal face”, the Used Battery Generators, and be delivered directly to the Battery Recycling Facilities, eliminating the double and manual handling that currently occurs and effectively by passing the Scrap Metal Industry.


Battery Rescue would like to acknowledge Australian Scrap Batteries help in conducting the unloading trial.

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