Delays Commissioning Nexus’ Battery Recycling Facility

Commissioning of Nexus Recycling’s used lead acid battery recycling facility has been delayed. Originally scheduled for May / June this year the plant is now expected to be commissioned in January / February next year. The project has been impacted by WA’s border closures, with key personnel unable to travel to WA. Construction of the plant, Western Australia’s first used lead acid battery recycling facility, has been completed.

The facility is located at 8-10 Winchester Rd, Bibra Lake and will have a maximum processing capacity of 43 MT per annum and a nominal capacity of 30 MT.  The plant will extract the component parts of the lead acid batteries for recycling, including metallic lead, plastics and acid. A lead paste will also be recovered but will be shipped overseas for further refining to extract the lead. Approximately 97% of a lead acid battery will be recycled, with the balance disposed to land fill.

Battery Rescue is expecting to conduct auto unloading trials from our BTS Containers shortly after the commissioning of the plant.

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