2 New Options for Mine Site Clients

Battery Rescue has introduced 2 new battery collection service options for Western Australian mine sites.

Previously to qualify for Battery Rescue’s battery collection service, Mining Companies or Contractors required a minimum of 3 Tonnes of used lead acid batteries to be collected from their site per BTS Container supplied. This prevented sites, where relatively low volumes of batteries were generated, from accessing this service.

To help, Battery Rescue has introduced 2 new battery collection service options for Mining Companies & Contractors, that would prefer not to have to purchase and manage the BTS Containers themselves.

1. Removing Temporary Battery Backlogs

The first is for sites with a backlog of used batteries that they want removed safely and regulation compliantly from site. For these sites Battery Rescue will provide its BTS Containers free of charge for the removal of the batteries. Customers will have a 1 month time limit to fill and return the containers and will be responsible for the transport of the BTS Containers to site and for their return to Perth when full.

2. Ongoing Supply of BTS Container & Collection Service

For customer who would like to access our battery collection service on an ongoing basis, Battery Rescue has introduced a one off establishment fee to cover their costs of supplying the container. Benefits of our collection service versus ownership, include;

  1. Containers are installed with relevant Dangerous Goods signage and GPS Tracking device.
  2. Empty replacement container can be sent as soon as the full container has left site (prompted by a GPS notification) or earlier if customer requests.
  3. The removal of the batteries prior to each container being washed and cleaned for redeployment.
  4. Battery Rescue provides free of charge container and GPS Tracker maintenance.
  5. Customers do not need to own and manage an asset and do not need to purchase additional units for exchange.

There has been a surge in demand from Western Australian Mining Companies and Contractors for Battery Rescue’s battery collection service.

Battery Rescue’s used lead acid battery collection service delivers compelling benefits to mining companies that want a safer, more convenient and regulation compliant method for storing and transporting their batteries, while reducing their environmental impact.

It also reduces Mining company’s legal risks by ensuring that as consignors they are meeting their “chain of responsibility” obligations with respect to Western Australian transportation laws.

For Mining Companies that would prefer to purchase the BTS Containers, they can be purchased via our Sister company, Uniseg Products.

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