UNISEG Pallet Used For UPS Battery Refresh Project

UPS Battery Refresh project using UNISEG Pallet

Perth based Secure Power Solutions (securepower.com.au) completed in June, a UPS Battery Refresh Project for a WA Government facility. The project involved replacing a bank of 120 12V 200AH Batteries, each weighing in excess of 60kg and totalling over 7 metric tonne .


Secure Power Solutions hired Battery Rescue’s UNISEG Pallets to assist with onsite storage and removal of the replaced batteries. At the commencement of the project, 6 UNISEG Pallets were installed at the client’s site, in the front load configuration. When filled with the replaced UPS batteries, each pallet was closed to secure the batteries and at the completion of the project, Battery Rescue’s contracted transporter collected the full pallets for shipment to Renewed Metal Technologies for recycling.


Tony Rutter of Secure Power Solutions said that their client, was very happy with the service and thought it was an elegant solution to keeping the site tidy and safe. It also meant that both the Government Department and Secure Power Solutions were complying with the various regulations and meeting their “Chain of Responsibility” for the storage, transport and recycling of lead acid batteries.


For future projects Secure Power Solutions plan to use the UNISEG Pallet to deliver the new batteries to site as a safer method of transportation that complies with the Australian Code for Transportation of Dangerous Goods. The use of the UNISEG pallet will also eliminate the need to unwrap and dispose of the plastic wrapping which is typically used when delivering new batteries on wood pallets.

Read here further details of Battery Rescue’s UPS Battery Recycling service.

A detailed summary of the regulations that control the storage and transportation of lead acid batteries can be found at batteryrescue.com.au/regulation-requirements.

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