Widespread, Non Compliant Transportation of Used Batteries by WA Mining Companies

Evidence mounts of systemic non compliance by the Western Australian Mining industry…

Battery Rescue is increasingly discovering more examples of used lead acid batteries being transported from Western Australian mine sites that are failing to comply with the Australian Code for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods. The photos below illustrate non compliant shipments, received this week by a Perth based Battery Collection Specialist, from a major Australian Mining Company.

The Battery Collection Specialist’s owner said “that the majority of used battery shipments received from Western Australian mine sites were not complying with the regulations”.


Non compliant transportation by Major Australian Mining Co
No Strapping and Dangerous Goods Labelling
Non compliant transportation by Major Australian Mining Co v3
Used Batteries shipped loose in cage without card separator between battery layers



























Businesses that generate used batteries have a “Chain of Responsibility” to ensure that their batteries are transported in line with relevant Dangerous Goods and Controlled Waste regulations.

A major supplier of batteries to Western Australian mine sites, recently informed Battery Rescue that a significant percentage of the batteries are not being collected for recycling, with some mining companies choosing to illegally dump the batteries in landfill.

A summary of the regulations governing the storage and transportation of used lead acid batteries can be found on Batter Rescue’s website https://www.batteryrescue.com.au/regulation-requirements.

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