Lithium Battery Recycling

Recycling Service for Lithium & Other Non-lead Acid Batteries

Battery Rescue’s service for recycling of Lithium and other non-lead acid batteries delivers safe and regulation compliant transport of used Lithium Batteries, destined for recycling.

You can find a summary of the often complex Dangerous Good Regulations governing the transportation of Used Lithium Batteries for disposal or recycling.

The service is only available to Battery Rescue customers who currently use our Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Containers and associated collection service for their used lead acid batteries.

Battery Rescue offers 2 options, one for low powered batteries and the other for high powered batteries. Customers are supplied with our Used Lithium Battery (UliB) Box.

Each UliB box is fitted with a 4G Enabled GPS Tracking device and feet to make them forklift able. The Box’s dimensions are External 900L x 550W x 500H mm Internal 725L x 456W x 250H mm Weight 15kg

1. Low Power Lithium Batteries

For low powered batteries, the ULiB box can be supplied with 6 Dry Cell Cartons which are suitable for the storage and transport of these smaller batteries. Low power batteries are all non lead acid batteries D Size or smaller.

Shows Used Lithium Ion Battery (ULiB) Box with Dry Cell Cartons for the safe storage and transport of low power Lithium and other non lead acid batteries.
Used Lithium Battery (ULIB) Box with Dry Cell Cartons
Examples of low powered batteries

2. High Power Lithium Batteries

For high power Lithium Batteries, D size and larger, the UliB Box will be supplied with the fire suppressant, CellBlockEX. The CellBlockEX prevents movement of the batteries during transport and will suppress any battery fires.

Image showing ULiB Box with Lithium batteries immersed in the fire suppressant CellBockEX
ULiB Box with Lithium Batteries immersed in CellBlockEX
Examples of High Power Lithium Batteries

How the Lithium Recycling Service Works

The UliB Box is available for short term (2 months) and long-term hire (12 months). You can find pricing details here, including battery recycling costs.

6 Dry Cell Cartons are supplied with the UliB Box for low powered batteries and approximately 22L of CellBlockEX for high power batteries.

For our metro Perth customers, Battery Rescue will deliver an empty ULiB box and collect the box when it is full.

For our regional and mining customers we will arrange delivery via your preferred transport provider and you will arrange the ULiB box’s return to our nominated Perth address.

Customers will be able to generate the necessary Dangerous Good labels from our website, for the Box’s return.

Upon receiving the full ULiB box, it will be weighed, with 25kg (15kg for the box and 10kg for the CellBlockEX) deducted from the gross weight to determine an approximate weight for the batteries. This will be used to determine your battery recycling costs.

Your batteries will then be delivered to Envirostream, our official recycler for all non-lead acid batteries, in Victoria for recycling.

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