Benefits For Used Battery Generators

The Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container and Battery Rescue collection service, reduces your risks and delivers the following benefits;


1. Improve Employee Safety And Meet Your “Duty Of Care”

  • Safer, ergonomic loading of batteries.
  • Reduced exposure to toxic lead and acid.

2. Delivers Your “Chain Of Responsibility”

Businesses are not only responsible for ensuring that their work practices comply with Australian Work Health and Safety laws and Environmental Protection Regulations, they also have a “Chain Of Responsibility” meaning that responsibility extends to their subcontractors. Specifically you are responsible for ensuring that your used lead acid batteries are not only stored correctly onsite but that they are also transported and stored in a regulation complaint manner by your Battery Collection Provider. The BTS Container and Battery Rescue’s collection service delivers on your “Chain Of Responsibility” by ensuring ;


  • Batteries are being collected by the holder of a “Controlled Hazardous Waste License” and you are supplied with a compulsory recipient created tax invoice.
  • Regulation compliant transportation of your used batteries. Virtually no Battery Collection Providers are strictly complying with the regulations requirements.
  • Eliminates double handling and unsafe lifting and stacking of batteries by your Battery Collector.
  • Eliminates the contractor’s personnel being exposed to acid burns.

3. Delivers Regulation Compliance

Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB’s) are a controlled “Hazardous Waste” and designated “Dangerous Good” in relation to their storage, transportation and disposal. The reality is that the majority of Used Battery Generators are not “Regulation Compliant” with respect to the correct storage of used lead acid batteries. This is because the batteries are either not being stored on a bunded device / area ,are not being stored undercover and for large quantities no dangerous goods signage is being displayed. The BTS Container and Battery Rescue’s collection service delivers “Regulation Compliance” by ensuring;

  • Batteries are stored on a bunded device. The BTS Container can store up to 25 liters of liquid.
  • When closed the BTS Container is weather resistant, enabling batteries to be safely stored outdoors.
  • The necessary dangerous goods signage for transportation of used lead acid batteries is already supplied.
  • Batteries are being collected by the holder of a “Controlled Hazardous Waste License” and you are supplied with a compulsory recipient created tax invoice.

4. Eliminate Your Personal “Contingent Liability”

Failure to meet regulatory requirements with respect to the correct storage, handling and transportation of used lead acid batteries not only exposes your business to prosecution and legal action, but also you can as the Owner, Director or Manager, be personally liable.  So for example, if despite being aware of your non compliance, you have chosen not to remedy the situation and an employee, subcontractor or member of the public is seriously injured then you can be personally sued. Recent strengthening of “Chain Of Responsibility” laws by the National Transport Commission have increased waste holder’s responsibilities and contingent liability risks.


5. Delivers ISO 14001 Certification And Improved Environmental Outcomes

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that outlines how to put an effective environmental management system in place. In order to obtain ISO 14001 Certification your company will need to demonstrate that you have regulation compliant systems for managing dangerous goods and hazardous wastes such as used lead acid batteries. The BTS Container and Battery Rescue collection system also delivers improved environmental outcomes, by:

  • Eliminates the need to wrap batteries in plastic, then apply steel strapping and temporary dangerous goods labeling, all of which is disposed of as waste by the battery recycling plants when unpacking the shipment.
  • The increased efficiency of the Battery Rescue system will lead to more batteries being recycled in Australia (currently only an approximate 82%). Read our White Paper on creating a safer and more environmentally sustainable used battery recycling industry for Australia
  • It will eliminate the illegal stockpiling of batteries by battery aggregators, where batteries are often stored outdoors and without a bunded container to capture any acid leaks.
  • The Battery Rescue collection system eliminates double and often triple handling of batteries, reducing transportation requirements.


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