Instructions for Returning the ULiB Box

The battery chemistries present in the Used Lithium Battery (UliB) Box will determine whether the shipment is a dangerous goods (DG) shipment or not. Other battery types can be mixed with Lithium batteries, provided they are not classified as a dangerous good. This would include most alkaline, Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd (dry), Zinc Carbon batteries but precludes the inclusion of Lead Acid and Ni-Cd (wet) Batteries.

If any Lithium batteries are present, then the shipment must be treated as a DG Shipment. If in doubt then assume the presence of Lithium Batteries.

The requirements for the transportation by road or rail of dangerous goods are outlined in the Australian Code for Transportation of Dangerous Goods (ADGC).

ULiB Box with DG and shipping label ready for return

DG Labels & Consignor’s Address Details

Please complete the following questionnaire to produce the address and Dangerous Good labels required for transporting the ULiB box. The labels will be emailed as a pdf for you to print off and attach to the box when you have completed the questionnaire.

Please print 2 copies to attach to the reserved signage areas (white panels) at the front and rear of the ULiB Box.

DG Transport Documentation

If the shipment includes any Lithium batteries, then you will also need to generate DG Transport Documentation. If in doubt assume the presence of Lithium Batteries.

The ADGC requires the DG Documentation to be:

  • Carried in the vehicle in hard copy form.
  • The documentation must include the name and address of the consignor, consignee, including the consignor’s contact telephone number.

The following information must be included to describe the dangerous good type and quantity:

  • UN Number – * See below
  • Proper Shipping Name – * See below
  • DG Class – 9
  • Packing Group – is not applicable as batteries are defined as Articles in the ADGC
  • Description of Packages – Plastic Box
  • The number of each type of package
  • The Gross Aggregate Quantity of Dangerous Good – Record the gross weight of batteries (including other chemistries)

* Enter the appropriate UN Number and Proper Shipping Name as shown below

  • UN3480 – Lithium Ion Batteries (including lithium polymer batteries)
  • UN3481 – Lithium Ion Batteries Contained in Equipment or Packed with Equipment
  • UN3090 – Lithium Metal Batteries (including lithium polymer batteries)
  • UN3091 – Lithium Metal Batteries Contained in Equipment or Packed with Equipment

Record a separate entry for each type of Lithium battery present (e.g. UN3480, 3481, 3090, 3091)

For example If transporting a single UliB Box with 60kg of mixed chemistry batteries, including Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal batteries, then your DG documentation might be as shown below.

Many mining companies will generate the DG documentation using their Transport Provider’s portal, such as the example below using Centurion Transport’s portal:

If this isn’t an option you can download a word template here.

Other Transport Details

When transporting Battery Rescue’s UliB Box, the following additional information will also be required for your transportation documentation.

  1. The dimensions of the box are 90L x 55W x 50H cm (including Forklift Feet)
  2. Gross weight of the UliB Box – this will be the weight of the batteries plus 15kg for the UliB Box.
  3. Specify the return address as:

Battery Rescue c/- Campbell Transport
5/7 McCook St,
Forrestdale WA 6112
David Bush
0414 646 321

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