Using the BTS Container

Erecting the Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container

This video shows how to erect the BTS container from the collapsed (flat pack) position into the front load (A frame) configuration. Note it is very important that the latches are used to secure the front / top panel A Frame assembly to ensure the panels can’t blow over.

How to Safely Stack Batteries into the BTS Container

This video demonstrates how to safely stack used batteries into the BTS Container and includes an  important safety message when including steel case batteries.

If a used battery contains sufficient residual charge, there is a risk of a short circuit that can result in a fire. The conditions for a short circuit can be created if a conductive material forms a connection between a battery’s positive & negative terminal. For this reason our container’s signage warns against placing metal object in the container. There are however some batteries, such a UPS battery packs that come in a steel housing and other steel cased batteries. This video demonstrates how these batteries should be stacked in the BTS Container in order to eliminate any possible short circuit and fire.

Full further information and safety tips on reducing the fire risks posed by lead acid batteries, when using the BTS Container to store and transport used lead acid batteries.

Using the BTS Container Outdoors

If your Battery Rescue Container is installed outdoors we recommend that you keep the pallet closed to prevent the 25 litre bunded base filling with water when it rains. This video demonstrates how to safely open and close the Container.

Closing & Securing the Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container for Transport

This video shows how to close and secure the BTS Container, ready for transport, including transport documentation options when shipping the container from regional locations. For details on Australian Dangerous Goods Transport documentation requirements.

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