Lead Acid Battery Container

The World’s Safest Battery Storage & Transport Container

The Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container was purposely designed as a lead acid battery container, for the regulation compliant, safe and environmentally responsible storage and transportation of used lead acid batteries.

The BTS Container delivers maximum safety while reducing the environmental impact of  used lead acid batteries, via the following features;

  • It includes a unique & patented front loading feature for the ergonomically safe loading of batteries (no other battery container provides this safety feature).
  • Its incredibly robust construction ensures that your batteries are being transported in the safest way possible. The BTS Container is manuafctured with 90kg of LDPE plastic and assembled using 4 8mm stainless steel rods and secured using 6 stainless steel, self-closing, over-centre latches (Snap-Flat). Each Snap-flat latch has a breaking strain inexcess of 1 Tonne.
  • The 25L bunded base, Dangerous Goods signage and ability to close the container, when in outdoor settings, ensures compliance with lead acid battery storage regulations. It also prevents any acid leaks (containing high levels of en-trained lead), into the environment or coming into contact with humans.
  • The BTS Containers reduces operator discretion when packaging batteries for transport (no wrapping, strapping or separators are required and DG labels are already provided), thus helping ensure compliance with lead acid battery transport regulations.

Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container – Features

Lead Acid Battery Storage Container

Car Battery Transport Container

BTS Container Specifications

BTS Battery Container Specifications

BTS Container Configurations

Battery Safety – Reducing Their Fire Risk

Irrespective of what device you use for storing and transporting used lead acid batteries, they can pose a fire risk if incorrectly stored or packaged for transport or are mixed with other battery chemistries. For instructions on how to reduce the fire risk for used lead acid batteries when using the BTS Container.

How to Buy the BTS Container

If you would prefer to buy the BTS Container rather than take advantage of our comprehensive battery collection service (sorry only available in Western Australia), they can be purchased from our sister company Uniseg Products. For further details and to request a quotation visit Battery Transport & Storage Container.  And yes we do export.

Independent Review Of The BTS Container (UNISEG Pallet)

Battery Rescue commissioned Riskom International Pty Ltd to review the UNISEG Pallet’s suitability for the storage and transportation of used lead acid batteries. Riskom state that in their opinion the BTS Container, formerly referred to as the UNISEG Pallet, complies with the current requirements of Australian Dangerous Goods Code and the United Nations Model Regulations for Transport of Dangerous Goods 18 Rev, for the transport of used lead acid batteries (UN2794). A copy of Riskom’s report can be downloaded here.

Riskom International provides specialised advice and service in the area of safety involving transport and storage of explosives and other dangerous goods. This advice is based on international and Australian standards and codes of practice, developed over 40 years working in government and industry all around the world.

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