Car Battery Disposal

Example Used Car Battery DisposalCar Battery Disposal for Environmentally Sustainable Recycling

Correct Car Battery Disposal is important for our environment. Battery Rescue provides a convenient Car Battery Disposal service through its many customer sites that can be found through out metropolitan Perth. Called our Drop’N’Go recycling initiative, used lead acid batteries dropped at one of our sites will be stored, transported and recycled using the best environmental practices.

Lead is one of the most toxic substances to the human body and the environment and yet every year hundreds of thousands of used lead acid batteries wind up in landfill or rotting in backyards. Used car batteries are often incorrectly disposed of through Council supplied household rubbish bins. From there they can cause considerable damage to Rubbish Collection Vehicles, even resulting in fires and ultimately winding up in landfill where they slowly breakdown leaching acid and toxic lead into the soil and water table.

In Australia we currently recycle approximately 86% of used lead acid batteries every year. This compares poorly with the US where recycling rates are close to 100% and the world average of 95%. The remaining 14% are lost to illegal landfill, export or are just left in residential homes, farms, mine sites to rot. We should and must do better…

Car Battery Disposal & Car Battery Recycling

So don’t leave your old car battery around the house or dispose of it in your household rubbish to pollute our environment, drop it off at one of Battery Rescue’s many, conveniently located Drop’N’Go Stations, located through out Metropolitan Perth.

It doesn’t take much effort to help… Just slip the battery into the boot of your car when you go shopping or to get your car serviced and drop it off to any one of the following participating companies. It’s that easy!


Battery Rescue Drop’N’Go Used Car Battery Stations

Below is a list of Western Australian businesses who are participating in our battery Drop’N’Go recycling initiative. Simply find a business conveniently located near you and drop off your used lead acid batteries.

Enter Your Address or Zip Code Above.


Battery Collection Service For Businesses

If you are business that accumulates used lead acid batteries, such as car batteries and other MV batteries, and want to ensure that you meet the regulatory requirements for the recycling of your batteries, please see our battery collection service for further details.

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