UPS Battery Recycling

Regulation Compliant UPS Battery Recycling

UniSeg Pallet for regulation compliant UPS Battery Recycling
Regulation Compliant Storage & Transportation of Batteries

Battery Rescue provides a regulation compliant, safe and convenient, UPS Battery Recycling Service. The service revolves around the use of our patented Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container, which was purposely designed for the safe, environmentally sustainable and convenient, storage and transportation of Used Lead Acid Batteries for recycling.

Battery Rescue’s UPS Battery Recycling service entails;

1. FREE Supply and delivery of the BTS Container to the Customer’s site.*

2. Stack with the old / used UPS batteries and contact Battery Rescue when ready for collection.

3. Full BTS Containers are collected by Battery Rescue, and transported to a Government approved battery recycling facility.

In most instances the above service is FREE and you may even receive payment for your batteries, depending upon the volume of batteries collected and the length of time the UNISEG Pallets are required for.

* Battery Sales Companies can use the BTS Container as a safer, more convenient and regulation compliant method of delivery the new UPS Batteries to their customer’s site.

Benefits of Our UPS Battery Recycling Service

UPS Batteries, the majority of which are lead acid, are a Dangerous Good and when “used” a Controlled Hazardous Waste. As such they must be stored, handled, transported and recycled in accordance with Australian environmental, transport and workplace health and safety regulations. Virtually all UPS Battery Refresh projects are failing to comply with the relevant regulations, exposing companies and individuals to a “Contingent Liability”. Read more about how companies are failing to meet their regulatory obligations with respect to the correct on-site storage and transportation of new and used lead acid batteries.

Major benefits of Battery Rescue’s Service;

  • Companies & Battery Sales Companies meet their “Duty of Care” and “Chain of Responsibility” with respect to the regulation compliant storage, transportation and recycling of their used batteries.
  • The BTS Container provides a safer and regulation compliant way to package and transport new & used batteries.
  • Tidy, clean and hence safer work site with secure on-site storage of batteries.
  • Environmentally sustainable and regulation compliant out-door storage of old UPS Batteries.
  • No waste from plastic wrapping and strapping of batteries transported on wood pallets.


Battery Refresh Project for Government Facility

Secure Power Solutions – June 2016
Tony Rutter of Secure Power Solutions said that their Government client, was very happy with the service and thought it was an elegant solution to keeping the site tidy and safe. It also meant that both the Government Department and Secure Power Solutions were complying with the various regulations and meeting their “Chain of Responsibility” for the storage, transport and recycling of the UPS lead acid batteries.

For full details regarding this project can be found here.

Ordering Battery Rescue’s UPS Battery Recycling Service

To use Battery Rescue’s Battery Container and collection service for your UPS Battery Refresh Project, email or call David Bush on 0414 646 321 with details of the approximate number and weight of UPS Batteries to be replaced and an estimate of the time from delivery of the BTS Container for the new batteries to when the used batteries would be available for collection.

Please Note that we currently only provide this service in Western Australia.

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