Case Study – City of Canning Waste Transfer Station

Canning Waste Transfer Station - Battery Collection using UNISEG Pallet

Battery Rescue has prepared a Case Study of the Used Lead Acid Battery Collection Service recently implemented at the City of Canning (CoC) Waste Transfer Station. The case study highlights the main challenges experienced by the City Of Canning with respect to managing used lead acid batteries and details how the use of Battery Re

Closing Pallet #1
CoC employee closing the UNISEG Pallet

scue’s UNISEG Pallet and associated collection service has significantly reduced or eliminated many of these problems.

The Battery Rescue system has helped the City of Canning meet it’s regulation compliance requirements, “duty of care” and “chain of responsibility” obligations with respect to the storage and transportation of used lead acid batteries. To view the Case Study, please select the link below;

Case Study – Battery Collection Service for City of Canning Waste Transfer Station V2

Battery Rescue’s collection service was established at the City Of Canning Waste Transfer Station, in October 2015.

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