Surge in Demand for Mine Site Battery Collection Service

Battery Rescue’s battery collection service to Western Australian mine sites has experienced significant growth this year. We have welcomed the following mine sites:

  • BHP – Cliffs Operations
  • Cap Metals
  • FQM Australia Nickel
  • MACA Mining – Garden Well
  • Oz Minerals – West Musgrave
  • Rio – 7 Mile
  • Rio – Cape Lambert
  • Rio – Dampier LV Workshop
  • Rio – Pannawonica (Mesa A)
  • Rio – Pannawonica (Mesa J)
  • Rio – Paraburdoo
  • Rio – Tom Price
  • Rio – Western Turner
  • Rio – West Angelas
  • Rio – Yandicoogina

Battery Rescue’s used lead acid battery collection service delivers compelling benefits to mining companies that want a safer, more convenient and regulation compliant method for storing and transporting their batteries, while reducing their environmental impact.

It also reduces company’s legal risks by ensuring that as consignors they are meeting their “chain of responsibility” obligations with respect to Western Australian transportation laws.

BTS Containers Returned From WA Mine sites being unloaded

Our service revolves around the free supply (in most cases) of the Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container.  Mining clients use their contracted transport provider to return the containers to our Perth yard. The shipment of the empty replacement containers is arranged by Battery Rescue, using the same transport provider.

The addition of 4G enabled IoT devices has been important in enabling tracking of the BTS Containers. This ensures that we can more efficiently manage the current pool of over 150 BTS containers deployed in the Western Australian mining sector. It has helped identify delivery errors, bottlenecks and enabled us to ensure a constant supply of containers to our clients.

Our service also includes:

  • Neutralising of any battery acid and cleaning of every container before returning to site.
  • Repair and maintenance of containers.
  • Monthly / Annual Reporting of battery weights delivered from site (upon request)

For further details regarding Battery Rescue’s Mine Site Battery Recycling Service.

Battery Rescue’s Western Australian Fleet of BTS Containers
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