Launch of Lithium Battery Recycling Service

Battery Rescue has launched its Used Lithium battery collection & recycling service. The service also applies to other non-lead acid batteries, such as alkaline, NI-Cd, Ni-Mh and other mixed battery chemistries. It delivers, safe and regulation compliant storage & transport of used Lithium Batteries, destined for recycling.

The service resolves around the hire of Battery Rescue’s Used Lithium Battery (UliB) Box with short (2 Month) & long term (12 Month) hire options available.

The UliB Box’s dimensions are 900L x 550W x 500H mm and its internal dimension 725L x 456W x 250H mm. Each Box is installed with forklift feet and a battery powered 4G Enabled IoT Device, that enables tracking of the box.

Used Lithium Ion Battery Boxes stacked for efficient storage and transport

The UliB Box is supplied with heavy duty cardboard cartons for low powered battery applications and with CellblockEX, fire-suppressant granules, for high powered batteries. Our definition of low powered batteries are those Size D and less while we classify batteries larger than D-Size to be high power.

The UliB Box has been UN Certified for the transport of used lithium batteries up to a net weight of 60kg of batteries.

You can find a summary of the Australian Dangerous Good transport regulation for transporting used lead acid batteries for the purpose of disposal or recycling here.

The service is initially only being offered to Battery Rescue’s existing customers. For further details regarding our used lithium battery recycling service.

You can also purchase the Used Lithium Battery Boxes via our sister company, UNISEG Products.

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